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Garage Flooring Service in Walnut Creek CA

Garage Kings offers premier garage flooring service in Walnut Creek, CA, quickly enhancing your property’s value. We make your garage a storage space and an extension of your home, reflecting your style and needs. Our thorough process starts with detailed preparation and surface repair to ensure a perfect base. We then move on to priming and coating applications, offering a plethora of color choices and customization options. Our mission is simple: to elevate your garage from a mere storage area to a fully integrated part of your home that mirrors your personal style and meets your utility needs. With our diverse range of flooring options, including the robust 6-coat floor with a lifetime warranty, the reliable 4-coat floor, and the efficient 3-coat floor, we cater to all preferences and budgets.

A Process Tailored for Perfection

At Garage Kings, we believe in perfection that’s visible in every corner of your garage. Our garage flooring services near Walnut Creek, CA, encompass more than just applying a new coat of paint; it’s a complete transformation process. Beginning with an in-depth surface repair, we prepare your garage floor to ensure the best possible outcome. This preparation paves the way for priming and coating applications, utilizing high-quality materials that guarantee durability and longevity. Our process doesn’t end here; we offer an extensive range of color options and the ability to customize your floor according to your preferences. Finally, sealing and a thorough cleanup ensure that your new garage floor looks immaculate and is ready to withstand everyday use, making it a wise investment for your home.

Beyond Installation: Ensuring Lasting Satisfaction

Opting for Garage Kings ensures a seamless experience for garage flooring services¬†from beginning to end. But our commitment to you doesn’t end once your flooring is installed. We’re here to ensure your complete satisfaction with a comprehensive maintenance plan, professional advice for upkeeping your new floor, and guaranteed satisfaction that matches the quality of our work. We understand the importance of your garage space in your daily life and are dedicated to maintaining its condition and appearance long after the initial installation. Our team of professionals is always ready to provide support, answer questions, and assist with any concerns, ensuring that your flooring remains a point of pride in your home. Contact us now to learn more about our expert flooring options.

Why Choose Us

Quality Materials

Garage Kings stands out by exclusively using the highest quality materials, ensuring your garage floor looks exceptional and withstands the test of time. Durability and beauty go hand-in-hand in every project we undertake.

Quick Turnaround

Recognizing the importance of your time, we aim to deliver efficient service without compromising quality. Our process is streamlined for a quick turnaround, ensuring your garage is transformed and ready for use in minimal time.

Trusted Reputation

We have hundreds of satisfied customers and a continuous presence in Walnut Creek, CA. Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction shines through in every flawlessly finished floor we deliver, making us the preferred choice for garage flooring solutions.


We offer comprehensive coverage, including a lifetime warranty option for our 6-coat floor. Designed with your peace of mind in focus, our warranties ensure your investment is shielded from defects and deterioration.

Simple regular cleaning with mild soap and water is usually all needed to handle most spills and dirt. A non-abrasive cleaner paired with a soft brush can effectively clean more stubborn stains. Avoid harsh chemicals to preserve the floor’s finish.

While some noise and mess are inevitable with any installation process, Garage Kings strives to minimize disruption. We use efficient techniques and equipment to reduce noise and contain mess, ensuring a smooth and tidy installation experience from start to finish.

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