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Custom Patio Flooring in Orinda CA

Are you struggling with the functionality and aesthetics of your Orinda residence floors? Garage Kings specializes in meeting all your garage and flooring needs. Our services include custom patio flooring, epoxy flooring installation, which offers a durable and sleek finish to any garage or patio. For those looking to refresh their existing surfaces, our concrete resurfacing and stain and seal options provide a new lease of life to old concrete, making it look brand new. Rubber tile and interlocking PVC tiles are excellent for homeowners seeking a quick and effective flooring solution that is easy to maintain. For a touch of elegance, our decorative concrete overlays and garage floor coating application services allow for designs that reflect your style. Additionally, our patio paver installation service can renovate outdoor spaces into beautiful, inviting areas for relaxation or entertainment. Rely on us for top-notch, reliable flooring solutions that boost your home’s appeal and usefulness.

Cabinet Storage Solutions for Garages

Understanding the importance of organized space, Garage Kings offers innovative cabinet storage solutions designed to maximize the functionality of your garage. Our cabinets are designed to meet the unique storage needs of each homeowner, providing a perfect blend of style and practicality. With various designs and finishes available, our storage solutions help keep your garage clutter-free and enhance its overall appearance. Whether you need to store tools, seasonal decorations, sports equipment, or automotive accessories, our versatile cabinets offer the ideal storage solution, keeping your items neatly organized and easily accessible. Our team of professionals works closely with you to design a storage system that fits your garage’s specific dimensions and your personal storage requirements. By choosing us, you’re opting for a clutter-free garage where everything has its place, making your daily routines smoother and more efficient.

Maximize Garage Storage with Overhead Racks

Our overhead racks are the perfect answer to utilizing unused ceiling space, providing ample room to store seasonal items, luggage, and other bulky items that take up valuable floor space. These durable, high-quality storage racks are designed to safely hold heavy loads, ensuring your belongings are stored above and out of the way. Our professional installation ensures that your overhead storage is perfectly positioned for easy access while keeping your garage neat and spacious. With our overhead storage solutions, you can easily transform your garage into a more functional and organized space, leaving more room for your vehicles and workspace. Let Garage Kings help you enhance your garage’s storage capacity and reclaim your floor space with our efficient and reliable overhead storage options.

Why Choose Us

Affordable Pricing

We’re committed to providing affordable rates at Garage Kings while maintaining high standards. Our services are priced to ensure affordability, allowing homeowners in Orinda to upgrade their garage and patio floors without breaking the bank.

Quality Materials

We select only top-quality materials for all our projects. From durable epoxy resins to high-grade PVC tiles, our materials are chosen for their longevity and performance. This commitment ensures your flooring solution is beautiful and lasts for years.

Attention to Detail

Each task we undertake is given meticulous care. Our expert crew ensures your floor is flawless from planning to the last touch. This precision results in flawless finishes that exceed expectations.


The duration depends on the project’s scope and size. Usually, we finish setups in just a couple of days, keeping any inconvenience to your everyday life to a minimum.

Definitely! We offer options for stains, seals, and decorative overlays, allowing you to personalize your space to match your aesthetic preferences.

Yes, we provide a warranty for our services, covering material defects and installation, ensuring your investment is protected, and you are completely satisfied with our work.